One day of planning, two days of shooting, three days of postproduction.

[…?] presents the finished version of “Exuse me, do you know what capitalism means?” Check it out!


We had been accepted as participants of an interdisciplinary open space multi-process in Leipzig, called Platforma 11. We consisted of more than fifty participants from all over Europe, especially Russia and eastern europe, but also some people from Egypt and Israel. We were transported to and accommodated in Leipzig to reflect on the topics: “art, politics and education” from September 10th to September 19th 2011, in Leipzig/Lindenau, Germany.

We divided ourselves into five groups. Every group was located in a separate leftist building in Lindenau and a gallery in a beautiful park in Markkleeberg. In the evenings, we would eat together in Hinz und Kunz and later participate in public events in A und V, the Platforma 11 headquarters. It was super intense and hectic, but immensely rewarding to talk, work and play together with such a great mixture of interesting people.

Here is something about the…

Documentary making process:

Day 1.

Met with our group in the magnificent, independent cultural center in Gießerstrasse 16, called Giezer16

The group quickly turned towards planning a street theatre spectacle about problems. Yvo Warmers and me (Pablo Castro) were more interested in doing something else, so we left, and formed the […?] fraction. We decided to make a video that involved itself in the city around us.

Day  2.

We were so lucky as to get a new space to work in. A good room in the nice Konsoom office that was also used by the networking group.

Brainstorming and conceptual discussion. Our meeting with the theatre group fresh in mind, we decided to make a documentary about the biggest problem of them all: the present economical state of being; capitalism. A local two day exploration in the ex-DDR city of Leipzig. We laid down a plan, a method and  ran some tests on image and sound.

Day  3.

We set out to interview random people in different locations representing different demographics. Filming their surroundings. It was very hard to get interviews with our tight time schedule, so we decided on using a hidden microphone. It was the microphone of my mp3 player. Yvo came up with the strategy of pretending not to know what capitalism means and asking people to explain to him.

Day 4.

Interviewed random people in different locations representing different demographics. Filmed their surroundings. We asked Valerie Waldow for links to music we could use.

Day 5.

Recorded an early interview, then rushed to Konsoom to start a period of 24 hour post production. Hard core!

Valerie gave us a link to analogsoul, a local music label. We were happy to discover the album  “Stillstand in Leipzig” (2008) by Zweistreifen,

Day 6.

The video was screened in the gallery in Markkleeberg, saturday 17 september in our DIY cinema room. The audience filled up the room. It was a hit!

Sadly, due to our extremely tight schedule, the video missed some content. It has now been recut to put some of this new content in, and take other things out.


“Excuse me, what does capitalism mean?” was made by Yvo Warmers and Pablo Castro.

All music taken from the album “Stillstand in Leipzig” by Zweistreifen (analogsoul 2008).

[…?] is a subdivision of platforma11.

Questions can be sendt to: digitalpablo@gmail(.)com